Bodyshaper Accessories

Our Bodyshaper Accessories include Compression Socks , Yoga Socks, or Yoga Gloves for their benefits. Use compression socks to enhance blood circulation and the yoga socks and gloves for a better balance and stability. Compression Socks Compression Socks are recommended to be used during long flights, during maternity, or any time when you have venous problem, injuries, plantar fasciitis or at risk of blood clots. Use compression socks to improve blood circulation. Enjoy the following benefits: reduce foot and ankle swelling, less tired aching legs, less heaviness feeling in the legs, less swollen feet, less heel pain resulting from plantar fasciitis, prevent occurrence of edema and thrombosis, help restore healthier skin, prevent blood clot. Yoga Socks and Gloves Yoga Socks and Gloves provide grip on any surface increasing balance and stability. Non-slip yoga socks prevent falling during movements. Allow to practice yoga without a mat. Protect your feet and hands from dirt and germs. Perfect socks for yoga, Pilates, dance and barre.

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